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On this website we explore and attempt to discern key themes and pre-occupations in the music and songs, written and spoken words of the legendary poet, musician, singer/songwriter Bob Dylan.

This website is part of a community project. Our aim is to build a free online resource for fans and critics alike. It is an evolving project and we invite feedback about how this site could be improved and developed. We provide a Visitor Gallery for this purpose, or you can Contact Us privately.

This web project is a voluntary initiative. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone, least of all Bob Dylan. Our motivation is to acknowledge his immense contribution to popular music and popular culture since he first emerged as a public figure in the early 1960s.

The contribution which we would like to make with this project is to create a context in which this artistic output can be analysed and critically assessed. We understand that, for many this will sound like a contentious undertaking. Our view however is that the starting point for any critical study should be with the subject matter, referencing mainly the body of work which he has created and made publicly available.

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