Cultural References

with the sounds of Francois Villon / echoin thru my mad streets / as I stumble on lost cigars / of Bertolt Brecht / an empty bottles / of Brendan Behan / the hypnotic words / of A.L. Loyd / each one bendin like it's own song / an the woven spell of Paul Clayton / entrancin me like China's plague / unescapable / drownin in the lungs of Edith Piaf / an in the mystery of Marlene Dietrich / the dead poems of Eddie Freeman / love songs of Allen Ginsberg / an jail songs of Ray Bremser / the narrow tunes of Modigliani / an the singin plains of Harry Jackson / the cries of Charles Aznavour / with the melodies of Yevtushenko / thru the quiet fire of Miles Davis / above the bells of William Blake / and beat visions of Johnny Cash / and the saintliness of Pete Seeger 

- from the sleeve notes to the album The Times They Are A-Changin', released in January 1964 by Colombia Records.